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02 Mar 2014

The 36-year-old rapper soon settled into the front row to watch the presentation. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kanye West check out @SteveStoute classic Tanning of America marathon starting at 7pm on vh1 #hiphopchangedus, he recently tweeted . A few days earlier, Kanye stepped out at the Martin Margiela Fashion Show at Hotel Salomon de Rothschild.

Salami Made From Kanye West Is Probably Not the Future of Meat

The Yeezus film was helmed by Hype Williams. The prolific music video director worked with West a number of times during the self-proclaimed genius rapper's career, directing many of his videos, including Gold Digger, Stronger, Heartless, Amazing and All of the Lights. Given Wests knack for spectacle, filmgoers will likely be curious to see what the oft-polarizing provocateur created. And while the jarring album offers plenty to work with for any director, the production itself came with its share of drama. Numerous woes forced West to shift the itinerary of the tour due to the elaborate production that featured a mountain and a massive LED screen.

2. DONDA's Epic 86-Tweet Announcement, 2012 One January eve, Kanye West took to Twitter and passionately announced the launch of "Donda," the company he named after his late mother. Promising to "pick up where Steve Jobs left off," West tweeted about everything from clothing to his work on an upcoming Jetsons movie, to the American school system, all as part of his trademark stream of consciousness. And while this "trillion-dollar start-up" has yet to crystallize (as far as we can see), West again succeeded in not only speaking his mind, but believing in himself enough to make grandiose promises. In an era of cynicism and being too cool, Kanye West is the opposite of both.

Kim Kardashian will play one of the leading parts. And she will be doing so as herself, insiders familiar with the production say for Radar Online . Kanye himself wont appear in the movie, but he made sure Ellis understood that he wanted to be involved in the creative process because he wanted Kim in the film. Since Kim has been trying to break out of the reality star mold she forged for herself and establish herself as either a respectable actress or singer (quite unsuccessfully so far), getting a juicier part in a film would probably help her get her foot through the door.

"Other than highlighting bioethical issues, we are also interested in the way celebrity culture is consumed and hope that there is some kind of back-handed commentary on that," Kevin wrote. And if you are what you eat, this is apparently what it's like to be Kanye. Or at least, a smoky Yeezy-pork blend: The Kanye Salami will pull no punches: heavy, and boldly flavored, pure Kanye West meat will blend with rich, coarse-ground pork. Hungarian paprika and worcestershire give Kanye an underlying smokiness, spiced up with hints of jalapeno.

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